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Taarun V Jain

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Taarun V Jain

Mr. Taarun V Jain, backed by a Masters degree in Business Administration and Finance, is a first-generation entrepreneur who believes in undertaking path breaking ventures and providing the highest levels of service standards. As the Chairman of Legend Group, Mr. Taarun V Jain has over the last one decade successfully set up businesses spanning real estate, consultancy and advisory services across the Asia Pacific, US, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

In this ever so dynamic business environment, change is the only constant and I believe in constantly evolving my skill sets.

T V Jain


Mr. Taarun V Jain has over fifteen years of rich experience in specialized services spanning areas such as real estate, advisory and consultancy. Mr. Jain's values of adhering to the highest level of service standards combined with his drive to offer the best to clients, has helped him earn respect across his clients in a very short span of time. Mr. Taarun V Jain and his skilled team of executives serves= a clientele that is spread across India and the globe.




The Legend himself behind the 'LEGEND GROUP'

Taarun belongs to the league of legendary people who believe in constantly innovating, creating and living an iconic way of lifestyle, always leading from the front, demonstrating years of achievements, for others to idolize and follow in aspiration.

A Legend defines that extra from the ordinary, to make it extra-ordinary. Taarun is one such visionary who embarked on an entrepreneurial journey 15 years ago when he founded the 'Legend Group', and remarkably he not only just owned; but successfully mastered every domain that he dwelled in, from being the pioneer in corporate transport services provider (Legend Cabs), to facilitating technology infrastructure (Legend BPO) and setting new standards in real estate leasing (Branded Residencies), which distinctly transformed the service providing industry.

He recently furbished a new one stop shop concept of an automobile hub called 'AutoMonde' mall that brings the entire fleet of luxury car brands under one roof. In a parallel venture Taarun's founded company 'Branded Residencies' that was awarded for the most innovative products, recently entered into a joint alliance with 'Bridgestreet' which is an international brand name that offers world class level of serviced apartments, and Taarun brings their presence in India.

Taarun did not stop here yet, he has also grown very fast to now becoming a recognized member in the emerging Food and Beverage fraternity, recently been awarded for the best emerging food mall (Gourmet Hub).

Taarun continues to explore and innovate the thriving opportunities in this area, while the F&B and recreation industry eagerly seeks to see the metamorphosis that Taarun is trying to bring in this space.

On the personal front, he walks the talk, a mobile ambassador of himself, and a connoisseur of the best cigars, wines, and cars in his own personal collection. Taarun is a very humble and approachable person, who welcomes new ideas and alliances that are based on trust and built for long term partnerships. He has always had an open door policy and expects that people feel welcome to approach him, please see contact details to connect with Taarun.